Play Poker

When it comes to Poker strategy, there are a few things to get straight right off the top. You could call these the Golden Rules of Poker ’cause they apply to pretty much any Poker game you’re likely to play:

1.) Don’t play cash poor: as a general rule you should start with 40-50 times the table limit.
2.) If you’ve got nothing in your hand, get out.
4.) If you’ve got a cinch hand, make them pay to see it.
5.) If they’ve got you beat, fold.
6.) The goal is to beat the other players, not have the highest hand. If everyone else folds, you take the pot.
7.) Don’t try to beat a better player: if you’re lucky, you’ll win small; if you’re not, you’ll lose big.
8.) There’s an even chance that you won’t better your opening hand.
9.) When it comes to Draw Poker Strategy we begin by considering the rank of the winning hands. In the Rules of Draw Poker, we introduced the 5-card hands and their ranking.