Poker Players

There is all different types of poker players with each having a different strategy to the other.

Players have a few different ways of playing the game of poker with different strategies like by either being passive or aggressive, loose or tight, weak or tough and either straight forward or tricky.

Below is a definition for each type of player that I just mentioned.

  1. Passive/aggressive.
    Passive players don’t raise much, don’t bet much. Aggressive players bet and raise a lot.
  2. Passive doesn’t necessarily mean they call a lot. That depends on a couple of other dimensions.
  3. Loose/tight.
    Loose players play a lot of hands, and usually pursue a lot of draws.
  4. The don’t always pursue a lot of draws, that depends on the next scale. Tight players don’t play many hands, tend to not like draws much although tight/aggressive/tough/tricky players do like strong draws and play them fast.
  5. Weak/tough.
    Weak players give up easily, tough players don’t give up.
  6. Straightforward/tricky.
    A straightforward player bets his good hands, calls with his draws, and folds his weak hands. Tricky players figure out what you expect them to do then do something else.